MLS Results: Wed 22nd Mar 2023 - Blackwood

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101 Op Sust Bde

I hoped you all enjoyed your galavant around Blackwood, I think it is a lovely wood to run around and so do my dogs as we walk/jog there often, also not many woods have a cafe/pub in the middle with no signal so nice to go off grid now and again.

My aim was to give you as many straight running legs as possible, so compass and bearing. That was easy for SG & LG but Brown and Blue had to venture south which was a bit less open. Then throw in the odd super fast leg to try and induce a bit of fatigue and brain fog and then see who coped. The penultimate control on Brown and Blue was deliberately in the lined green to see who could the slow down a bit at the end and go in carefully on a compass bearing off the rootstock beside the main track as an attack point and get their pacing spot on. Many that overran admitted they were not pacing, although they should have hit the obvious rootstock if they had stayed on the correct bearing.

The leg 102 to 103 on Brown and Blue was intended to be done straight, which many did, an alternative was to go a little bit south to the path along the forest edge and then swing west to the control. I was surprised given how runnable it was to see some drift north and end up running down the car park track.

Apologies about the loos being so far away, they had a map, what3words location and a Grid but still messed up, they should have been at the entrance to the parking road.  Anyway thanks to so many of you for coming along, it is great to have so many enjoy the woos, including  lots of our doggy friends. Also nice to have a target time of 60 mins and the winner did 59.40, so I got the maths right there.

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