MLS Results: Wed 8th Mar 2023 - Bramshott Common

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Well that was fun out in the snow, wasn't it.  Well done to 3 AAC for battling on against the elements. They had to park most on the road as the narrow entrance to the field would have become a quagmire, that also meant no Tom as could not turn his trailer around, but I doubt many would have wanted to sit out in that weather.  He will be back next week.

Nice and close at the top of the Brown and  with a winner in 59:50 that is just 10 secs off the target time.  Also great to see 36 Engr turn up with 30 troops who all did the Long Orange, inc their OC.  Colin H & Fiona C were also able to give them a bit of coaching beforehand.

Looking at future events if you like running in wide open woods then make sure you get to Blackwood on 22 March, that is definitly a day for straight line running with 90% of the wood open and runnable.  Entries for the Army Inter Unit (AIU) Champs on 16-18 May are now open, there is no charge for Army Units entering teams, the entry code is available if you email me on, please email from a military email address so I can confirm you are bona-fide and eligible for free entry.  16 May is a coaching day which any military can sign up for.. The normal full range of MLS courses will also be availabe on 17 & 18 May.  Civilian clubs are welcome to enter teams for the Harris event on 18th.

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