MLS Results: Wed 16th Nov 2022 - Hogmoor

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I hope you all enjoyed your run around Hogmoor, it is a great little area. The Brown Cse was from the Senior Home International(SHI) relays there on 5 Nov, I just added an extra 1km loop at the end and the Blue was from the SHI Womens Relay, again with a 1k loop added. We also missed the worst of the rain. Run of the day must go to Michael Krajewski on Brown who was well clear. There are POCs out on Hogmoor from basic right up to hard and you can also run them as Map Run (look under Other, then AOA and Hogmoor).

Slight problem with control 101, I lost the original control so we replaced it with 100, but that then failed halfway through the event and we put 102 out in its place, all who had problems with 100 have been reinstated.

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