MLS Results: Wed 26th Oct 2022 - Long Valley North(AGC/RLC/RAPTC)

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Huge turnout today with 440 runners thanks to it also being the AGC, RLC and RAPTC champs as well as an MLS event.

MLS points only available on the Score cse today, fine win by Michael, only just ahead of James Lyne though (Apologies to James, he appeared on the Green originally for some weird reason, now sorted and he and Michael get 100 pts each).

I have just seen a pic of Calvin Routledge at an earlier AGC Champs, posh one mind, they had race numbers in those days.  Calvin was AGC Champ yet again (don't think he has been challenged since I retired in 2008) but all good things come to an end eventually as Calvin matures into an M55 and so he has to retire and let someone else be the champ. 

Next week MLS is on the Yoxter Trg Area out west, very unique area with the unusual rock formations & crevasses, not surprising as it is on the way to Cheddar Gorge, so it you have never run there you must come and try it, well worth the trip.

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