MLS Results: Wed 12th Oct 2022 - Rushmoor Arena

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Results for Rushmoor finally done, a few new runners out today who were using old cards that had been in storage for months, lithium batteries do not like being left unused, they much prefer regular usage especially if rechargable, with my large timing boxes for Ultras/adv races/Triathlons etc I have been advised to put them all on timers and recharge them once a week, whether used or not.

Anyway great fun for most sprinting around Rushmoor, we were using courses planned for the summer, hence the loops which we don't normally use for the league.  Also means no RG unfortunately.   Pity that control 49 was vandalised, it was found later on the area, but it was identified early so most people found a control when they got there.

A plea to all military runners, please ensure you use your military details to enter MLS and not your BOF details, otherwise the event gets billed by DIO for you as a civilian and MLS will chase you for the extra £3.50 that costs. Just set up 2 separate profiles on racesignup, one for BOF events and one for military events.  Retired military please use Rank(Retd) FName for MLS so you also need a second profile.  We are still working on getting some sort of discount for ex-Mil.

Next week it is Hawley, please also note the RE/REME champs on Thu 20 Oct at Minley are also open to all if you are up to 2 runs in 2 days. 

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