MLS Results: Wed 5th Oct 2022 - Pyestock

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Welcome back to the MLS for 2022/23 season. Some challenging bits to Pyestock, not helped by high bracken, but that is when orienteers have to tailor their approach to suit the terrain.  Anyway run of the day must go to Phill Young who was over 10 mins clear on the Light Green, Phill is relatively new to orienteering, but is a a very strong runner having won several Brutals.  He played to his strengths and went around on the tracks avoiding the direct if possible and it paid off.

Rushmoor next week, please try to remember to enter by 1800hrs on Tuesday. Anyone who does forget may be able to get EOD, if there are maps available, but there is a £1 surcharge on EOD entry, or should we call it the "bad admin levy"?

We have also been asked if any ex-military runners, or civil servants could in future include their military/CS rank on their entry (so that means Maj (Retd) Allan Farrington in my case) as the MLS want to demonstrate to DIO and others that there are a lot of  ex MOD personnel who attend the MLS. As with any military runners you should set up a second profile on Racesignup showing Rank and unit if serving and use that for MLS entries. Unfortunately you still have to pay the civilian entry rate as the MLS gets billed for all runners who are not serving in a unit, not sure we can get that into the Defence Discount system yet, the USA would allowed it I am sure. We also have to pay the £1 insurance levy for any civilians running at MLS events.

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