MLS Results: Wed 18th May 2022 - Bulford Area

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3 Sigs

Apologies for the delay in posting results, I was unable to access the BAOC website last night. I hope you enjoyed running on what is effectively a new area for most people.  We last used the area in 2016 when Jamie Ranson planned, then we ran from the old carter bks square at the NW end of the map on a 1:10000 map. Could not use that this time as used mid-week for dvr trg so I arranged to have a part of the Bulford Ridge map added, which I think works well as a lot of the map we used in 2016 is now too overgrown to pass through. I do however hope to use the area later in the year when the vegetation has died down a bit and we can run from the Carter Bks end and use the whole map.

As usual live results available here:  These results also show order of controls visited on Spanish Score.

Spanish Score results link is below, league points have now been calculated. The league points shown against the other line cses do not count for this event, Spanish Score only to count.

Obviously RG does not work with Spanish Score as so many different routes.

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