MLS Results: Wed 4th May 2022 - Everleigh

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I hope you enjoyed a lovely day out on Salisbury Plain. Everleigh South is not massively technical, so as planner I had to look for other challenges, hence putting the long courses into the tricky area towards the end when tired. The woods in the east were lovely, fast and runnable to then launch you onto the rolling downs.

I was hoping more would try the Harris as it is worked well for that, hopefully we can get more of you to have a go next year.

Everleigh North has a lot more woods, we only used the bottom half today, so once that is remapped after all the felling has finished, hopefully we can have an event on both half's.

My thanks to Colin Metcalfe the controller for the short notice request for a map update and spotting the new sheep pen area which appeared late last week.

Allan Farrington, Planner

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