MLS Results: Wed 9th Mar 2022 - Long Valley South West

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Start times are 1100-1400hrs, with a course closure time of 1500hrs, whilst we will allow people to start before 1100hrs provided courses are ready there is no leeway with course closure at 1500hrs and controls will be removed right across the area from 1500hrs as we use a team of 6-8 who then only have to collect a few each, so by 1515hrs most controls will have been removed.

Today several people were still out past 1500hrs and as such go down as DNF. Please can you endeavour to turn up on time to complete your course and if late then please ask to drop down a course so you can finish on time.

Team managers of military units should also ensure their runners go out on a suitable course, the last person today came in at 1550hrs having staterd late and then getting lost, so encourage them to do a realistic course, it is better that they complete a course easily than struggle and lose heart. If necessary we can always let them back out after a quick run to try a few controls on a harder course.

Whilst on my hobby horse, the Score is not for beginners as it will have controls from Brown and Black at TD4 & 5. Novices should do Long Orange at TD3, that's a good run out with progressively harder controls that help steer them around the course, once they master the LO then they can move on to Light Green. Short Green is as technical as Brown & Blue. Rant over, thanks!

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