MLS Results: Wed 29th Sep 2021 - Pickpit Hill, Tidworth

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As usual results were live here:

I hope the 2 downpours did not ruin your day. The southern part of this area is very tricky in places, whilst the northern part is somewhat simpler but obviously quite hilly.  The map needs a damn good update, I tried to do as much as I could but with only a week to plan and organise the event time was very limited.

Routegadget will follow shortly, basic splits are also there at the link.

League points have now been calculated based on the new rules:

The changes include:

  • Target times are now based on the fastest three runners on each course, either military or civilian. Previously they were based on the fastest three military runners.
  • The maximum points available for the Long Orange course (E) is now 40. Previously it was 50.
  • The calculations of age to identify under 25s have been removed as bonus team points are to be awarded to “novices” of any age. Novices are expected to be identified by having an asterisk (*) appended to their surname. Novices are flagged in the League export file for line events only (not score). No additional points are shown in the Line course report. Novice team points are calculated for the team in the League Spreadsheet managed by the League Results Secretary.
  • Units will be responsible for notifying the EMIT-UK timing team of anyone they consider to be eligble to count as a Novice. they can be any age, but must be in their first 2 years of orienteering. 

Main Results: 

Split Times: 

The courses are available on Routegadget 2. Plot your route, watch an animation of your run against others on your course, upload your GPS tracks...

Click here for Splitsbrowser display. Visually compares your leg times and speed with others on your course.

Splitsbrowser source csv file - file can be opened in any spreadsheet program or text editor. To download the splitsbrowser source file, right-click link and choose "Save Target As" or the equivalent in your browser.

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