MLS Results: Wed 23rd Jun 2021 - Frith Hill

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Plaaners comments: Firstly, many thanks to all who attempted or completed their respective course at Frith Hill!  The event was originally planned for end of April, then May and finally took place on 23 June when unfortunately, the undergrowth was significant; just a month ago the majority of experienced orienteers would have taken more of a direct route with uninhibited visibility!  I did shorten the courses a little but evidently not enough, particularly the Blue course. 

Des and I (controller) deliberated over two or three control sites, including the thicket (holly tree #151) which was no. 3 on the Blue and Short Green; we were happy with it however, apologies to those who attacked it from the North and were drawn away by other unmarked thickets.  I’ve recommended that the positioning of the track be double checked as something is not quite right in that area of the map – we may even have selected the wrong thicket! On the Light Green and Brown course the re-entrant (#148) was also a little confusing due to the additional MTB / walking tracks that have developed in that area.  I had originally planned to use the pit just to the east however, it may have been at risk of vandalism.  I live just off the West side of the map so I know the area well and tried to maximize the technical difficulty of the Brown, Blue and Sh Green and invite direct xc running rather than use of tracks; which I think we achieved – many thanks to all of you who approached me after your run to thank me personally; it really is much appreciated. I would like to thank Des Dickinson for his support as our controller – he made some excellent observations, particularly in the South of the area for the Brown and Blue courses.  I’d also like to highlight my daughter Laura for her efforts with the Long Orange course planning; just one non-finisher and only then for missing the course closing time. Finally, many thanks to Robbo the lead organiser assisted by Colin Dickson who runs the logistics of the MLS events like clockwork; thanks also to Allan and the EMIT team (I do like the touch-free system; it works exceptionally well). And to all the volunteers who make our Wed MLS events such a success – we couldn’t do it without you!A final plea – please plot your course on routegadget and email myself, Colin or Steve McKinley (SN) with any map correction comments. BarrettrcataoldotcomRich Barrett (BAOC and SN) 

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