MLS Results: Wed 9th Jun 2021 - Perham Down

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Looks like CBG really worked you all today looking at the Retd list, but top 3 on Brown were under the hour which is as per the guidelines.

RouteGadget is also up and you can see all the course maps via RG, why not have a look at routes taken and perhaps even post yours, all good trg.  ***Looking into missing Short Green course on Splitsbrowser***  Short Green Routegadget at

Planner's Comments:

“Who put THAT fence THERE??”  0550 hrs Wed 9 Jun!

Being unable to inform the early starters about the brand new fence around #105 (Short Brown & Short Green), we decided not to do so for any-one. It was directly under the control circle, so could not be included on the map, and I had no blank maps for the Start Lane.  So we decided to test your reaction to the unexpected, and place the control flag as close to the original position as possible, but outside the fence.  That’s Amendment 1 to be included in the post-race map file.

I haven’t seen a really long leg in a MLS event for quite a while, so thought that Perham provided a good opportunity for 1300m (Short Brown & Blue) and 1000m (Short Green).  There were 3 main routes, all with different climb (steep; possibly runnable; and minimal), but the height-adjusted distance was very much the same, so the test was to select a route that matched your physical ability.  In compensation the shortest legs, 3 of them on Short Brown & 1 on Blue, were just 70m!  The test is to adjust your speed to match the technical challenge.

I am hoping that a good selection of routes will be uploaded onto Routegadget, to see the different choices that people made (if they were different).  There will be quite a difference around controls #109 & #121 amongst the fight.  Almost all the paths were trodden down, thank you very much!  Certainly some choose the optimum route (at least what I thought was optimum), others, from post-race comments, didn’t actually get out of the main woods before looking for the control.  I agree that the nettles were a bugbear, but that is summer orienteering in southern England.

I do have to comment that orienteering is a navigation-based sport: even those on the simplest courses have to be shown/taught to orienteering navigate before being thrown out on the course.  There appeared to be quite a bit of random movement on the Downs today!  I think that we may have to encourage shadowing/partnering on these courses, to ensure that the correct skills are picked up.  These courses are deliberately long, to encourage those wanting a ‘proper run’ to enter them rather than a long but too technical course.

Thank you to Simon Greenwood for (going slowly enough and) suggesting two further map amendments, both of which in retrospect I agree with and will be changed on the map file.

Finally, thank you for coming to the event, and thank you to the QRH non-orienteer soldiers who enabled it to occur.  Two of them received some orienteering instruction afterwards, which might just pique an interest.

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