MLS Results: Wed 2nd Jun 2021 - Mytchett East

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As usual the full results are available here:  (Note these results are also published live from the event if you want to view on your phone at the event).

Score results with league results for the Score Cse now added.

I hope you all enjoyed your Xmas run out, could have done with Dec weather today, those hills!  My excuse for not getting them all on Score was I kept stopping to look for the Xmas Fairy and Xmas Tree, although as it is normally Colin Holcombe as the fairy that can be a bit frightening for the kids if they meet him down in the woods!

Perham Down, Tidworth next week, please note you now have to enter before 1800hrs on the Tuesday. We start back with contact controls and ecards from July so bring your ecards along to events in June to test them out on a demo course.  There is an EMIT offer on of 40% discount on a new V6 ecard if you trade in your old ecard. We will start reclaiming long-term tag hires from 16 June so if you are not coming on 16/23/30 June then please remember to bring your hired etag to your first event in July.

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