MLS Results: Wed 8th Nov 2017 - ATR Winchester Incl WNL

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AOA Cses

Thanks for coming for a run around the ATR, having had 2 line events there in previous years I needed to offer a different challenge as many of the control sites would have to be the same.  The odds & evens score allowed for the many novices in the RLC Champs who could then mostly just do one lap. The more experienced orienteers would get most controls on one lap and then have to decide how many of the second lap they could get within the time and finally for the top runners it was how best to get all on one lap and then move swiftly over to the second map which meant perhaps sneaking quick looks at the map on the reverse as they did the first lap.

One decision on the Evens cse was when to get controls 8 & 9 in the north part of the barracks, do you get them first as you come in from the western gate or leave them until you came off the eastern trg area and pop in the main gate to get those 2,  The latter was the shorter option by some 500m. 

There was also the question of which way to go around each loop, I thought most would go anti-clockwise both times, which is what Maj Barrett did, but he unfortunately missed No 3 (106) on his second lap, but Cpl Parnell, the only one to get them all, went clockwise on his second lap.  I hope the miriad of decisions you had to make at speed was enough of a challenge. My apologies that I forgot to print off the instruction sheet, I had not realised how many people have never done an odds & evens score so it was new to many.   I decided to have a mandatory changeover control by the finish (100) to keep it simple for the newbies in the RLC champs and also get some extra distance into the loops, both were 5km optimum route.  In hindsight it might have been better to just let people swap over at any time they wanted, although having control 100 also helped greatly when I had to go through 300 sets of controls and check for controls done on the wrong lap, the record was 8 removed.

In the evening the Wessex Night league saw 33 people do 34 of the controls as a normal score, but they could not use the east or west gates so they effectively had 3 loops to do as they could only enter/exit the barracks through the main gate. 

If you are not aware the concrete bases all over the 2 trg areas are from when the site was a civil service radio camp and it was covered in radio masts which had to be secured, thats why they are in groups. 

**Results now added for Evens Only Cse. Those who got 200 points did them all.

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