MLS Relays(Teams of 3) & Normal Line Cses Results: Wed 24th May 2023 - Hogmoor

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Sorry for delay in Team Results, did not get back from Hogmoor until 2200hrs, so just posted indiv results last night.

Relays results can be found here:

Relays were great fun, pity more people did not have a go.  Think we might keep this format where teams can either start early and go out at 5 min intervals as indivs, or they can join the mass start and when the first leg 1 runner comes in we then do a mass start for all 2nd leg runners and same when first 2nd leg runners comes in we start all the third leg runners. That reduces the time for the event, saves a lot of hanging around and as everyone goes out on a punching start it  also means we can allow late starters who cannot get away from the office. We then just add the 3 leg times in a spreadsheet. Also helps with those who run on the wrong ecard. It also means the team order can be changed at the last moment or even during the race.

Great little area Hogmoor, which often catches people out.  We got in just before the vegetation really starts to shoot up. It has become a very popular area which unfortunately means new little paths appear all the time so we will need to book a map update before each event in future, we even had a digger out there during the race.

Unfortunately we also had a control nicked during the afternoon. 109 at the southern tip, but everyone had been through that control before it went.

SN then held their club champs in the evening with another 40 runners.

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MLS Relays(Teams of 3) & Normal Line Cses