BAOC Event Results: Sat 4th Nov 2023 - Winchester City

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Planners comments: Thank you for coming today and making all the work worthwhile (even when it was pouring heavily early this morning for control placement). I think that I was disappointed that the winning times for Courses 4 & 5 were closer to 30 mins than 40 mins, but happy to hear your views. Also an explanation and associated apology to those on Courses 1 & 2: the Great Hall was closed today “due to unforeseen circumstances” as it said on a sign outside – unnfortunately they are responsible for unlocking the gates to the old castle tunnel each day, and so there was nobody to do so.  The esteemed Controller and I decided to put the same numbered control at both locked gates, so that you would see it whichever route you chose to enter the tunnel.  Putting the second control in place for the principally Course 1 route took some time (no parking nearby), so early runners were directed to descend to the locked gate so that they did cover the same distance/climb.

Organisers note: As there was one person on Cse 2 who questioned the placement of controls at 241 I have included an enlarged copy of the map showing the detail for that control, (see Bottom of page for extract). Cse 1 went 241 to 232, but cse 2 went 232 to 241.  Going from 232 west up the stairs inside the barrier, the best route was to then turn first left and come down to the tunnel entrance on the lower level where control 241 was placed on the locked gate. However if you went up the second flight of stairs and then turned left you ended up running across the top of the tunnel on the wrong level, where there was no control and if you looked over the wall down to the tunnel entrance below you might not have seen the control on the gate due to the overhang.  You therefore needed to then run on to towards the smaller lone tree and take a right turn down the steps to the other entrance to the tunnel where the planner had place control 239, (but also labelled as 241) on that locked gate.  This is also the entrance route some on Cse 1 will used as they came out of Peninsular Bks and turned first right at the roundabout on the High St and up towards the Great Hall and Law Courts and into the tunnel entrance and then back up and around to 232, but some may have run further down the High St and turned right after after the roundabout and also come at the tunnel on the wrong level. Perhaps in hindsight we should have done the map back to back and at 1:4000. 


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