BAOC Event Results: Sat 1st Nov 2014 - Winchester City Urban Race

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3 Nov: Revised results posted.  Sorry I forgot to update the summary once the road crossing had been removed on junior courses. Now I have to reply to a local lady who was not happy that she had to drive slowly along bar end road as an orienteer was walking in the road, what was that orienteer doing walking!


A fantastic turnout of 389 competitors on a glorious day – makes all the effort so much  more worthwhile.  I intended to test your route selection decision making as often as I could, sowing that element of doubt – “am I on the quickest route?”.  One of the best sights was seeing someone moving backwards in one direction whilst checking the map to see if he should really be going in the direction that he was facing!  I am really looking forward to seeing the variety of routes selected when we can get Routegadget up – was what I thought in planning actually the fastest in competition?  I am aware that the courses run tended to be longer than most urban events; by forcing route choices there was often not a route close to the line and these courses were over 60% longer than the straight line distance.

The jewel in Winchester, so far at least, is certainly Wolvesey Castle, courtesy of English Heritage, and the alternative route in/out through the Bishop of Winchester’s private garden.  Thanks are entirely due to Hugh Drummond, the mapper, for negotiating that access yet again.  The Castle is an excellent small and intricate area, but it needs a second route to make it really worthwhile.  Many people appeared to have problems matching all the walls, but I do have to say that the Control Description provides a very strong indication of where the control is likely to be situated.  I know myself that in urban events one tends just to run to the circle centre and ignore codes and description.  It is a dangerous tactic throughout the whole course.

I must apologise to those who read that there were routes in/out of the sunken old railway track down/up the steep embankments.  I knew that there were not and therefore did not ‘see’ the possibilities that the map left open.  A few paths need exaggeration to be more obvious to older eyes.  And the map symbols in the stadium need to be ISSOM features (only one comment though)!  More than happy to take any other comments that will help perfect the map and future events in Winchester.

The other value of touch-free controls – much less giving away of control locations due to stationary competitors.  In fact stationary competitors usually now means no control there!

Most Open competitors seem to be improving their competence with “under the canopy” controls.

Lesson 52: be careful using corners of car parks –vehicles might well be parked there, blocking the site (it only takes one vehicle to block a corner), whilst putting the controls out well before the time of the event!

Now back to the forest!

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