Success at British Middle Championships

Eight BAOC orienteers ran at the British Middle Championships on 6 March at Rushmere Country park, near Leightoiin Buzzard, hosted by East Anglia OA. Many Congratulation to Richard Barrett, who produced the only podium placing, 3rd on M50 (5.5km 175m in 37:53), but other top results were Paul Lane (5th on M65), Colin Dickson (6th on M65) and Elisabeth Dickson (7th on W60) all achieving Championship standard times. Close behind were Carol Prosser (9th on W60), Tamla Short (10th on W21), Richard Bonnett (25th on M65) and Ian Prosser (37th on M65).  Well done all.

Past BAOC members also excelling were Sarah & Tommy Rollins winning W45 & M16 respectively, and Axel Blomquist taking 2nd on M70. Sally Calland was 7th on W45.

The next Britsh Championship outings will be the Long Individual and Relay near Liphooke on 26/27 March.  Good luck to all competitors.