MLS Novice Orienteers

Team Captains are kindly requested to take note of the following within the MLS rules regards Novice runners. Please also note that there is Novice Prize Category within the League.

Please see below for the definition of a Novice from MLS rules:

Novice points. Successfully completed courses can add an additional 10 points, per runner, to the team score over and above the six or four scoring members: up to a maximum of 60 points for a major unit and 40 points for a minor unit or guest unit/club. Novice runners will need to be identified by an asterisk appended to their surname in their entry or otherwise declared to the MLS Results Secretary via the team captain for the points to be awarded. 

Definition of a ‘Novice’. A Novice is defined as an individual competing in their first or second MLS orienteering league season. Novices competing on the Long Orange or Light Green courses may contribute “Novice” points to the team score, subject to the maximum set out in para 24. d. 


MLS Sec.