2018 - The Orienteering Year in Review

Some highlights of 2018, which AOA has used to brief the Chain of Command recently.

  • At the recent 2018 Army Sports Awards at RMA Sandhurst Major (Retired) Colin Dickson was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unmatched contribution to Army Orienteering.  Colin was nominated in recognition of both his personal achievements (many years in the Army team and British Age Class Orienteering Champion seven times) and his enduring commitment to the sustained development of orienteering within the Army.  Despite retirement from the Service he continues to deliver significant organisational and planning support for military orienteering.
  • All Arms and Services were represented at the Army Inter Corps Orienteering Championship held on Sat 24 and Sun 25 Nov 18; fierce competition in challenging physical conditions led to winners being the Royal Engineers in the Senior Long, Under 25s and Womens Competitions, with The Royal Logistics Corps taking the Senior Short.
  • Major Rob Ashton and SSgt Calvin Routledge achieved third place in the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM) Long Score event and secured the Hutton Trophy by being the highest scoring military team at the end of October; Rob is also the title holder in 2018 for Army Individual; Army Night and Inter Services.
  • Many notable competitors compete at the very highest levels of orienteering with Major Richard Barrett representing Wales at the Veterans Home International, also won the British Sprints 2018 Men’s Over 40+ age class and has won the Inter Services more than any other competitor.
  • Lt Col Charles Bromley-Gardner, recently retired, represents the GB Team at British Trail Orienteering.
  • The British Army Orienteering Club (BAOC) will be responsible for Day 1 of the International Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival, being held in Aldershot over the Easter 2019 weekend.
  • Finally, the Army Men and Women’s team have never lost the Inter Services Team Match.