Inter-Services Army Team Selection 2018/19

Army Team Selection 18/19

Congratulations to the following personnel have been selected to represent the Army at the Inter Services Championship on 13 Jan 19 - Burley West, New Forest.

Male Team:

LtCol Mawer AAC, Maj Barrett RLC, Maj Ashton REME, Maj Buchanan RE, Maj Brett RE, Maj Owens RE, Capt Dickins RE, Capt Furlong RLC (New Cap), SSgt Routledge AGC, Bdr Cope RA.  Reserves: Capt Pickering RE, Maj Andrews RLC, OCdt Huw Stradling RLC.

Female Team:

Maj Baker AGC (New Cap), Maj Deakin RA (New Cap), Maj Larsen RSig, Capt Gay RE (New Cap), Capt Jukes RE, SSgt McCreadie RSig (New Cap).  Reserves: Lt Bettison AGC, Maj Magowan AGC.