Assistance to JK19

Much assistance (c 120 people per day) is required for SCOA to host JK19 in the Aldershot & Hermitage areas at Easter: 19-22 Apr 19. Volunteers will be given a £5 voucher to be used at event caterers/kit suppliers for each day helping.  Those helping will also get a free run in a BAOC Relay team on 22 Apr at Minley.  Most volunteers will still get a competitive run on each day; entry fees will not be abated, so enter early (by 13 Jan) to get the cheapest cost.  Please note: BAOC emmbers entering will be expected to assist.  Transit accommodation can be booked by those serrving at St Omer Barracks.  Names of volunteers to please (Charles Bromley Gardner until someone else takes over!).

The Jan Kjellström (hence JK) Festival of Orienteering website is at:  Events are:

Friday 19 AprilSprintAldershot GarrisonSaturday 20 AprilMiddle DistanceDeepcutSunday 21 AprilLong DistanceHermitageMonday 22 AprilRelaysMinley