MLS Season 18-19

Good afternoon everyone!

This is a message to update you all on a few changes that will occur for this coming MLS season.

Courses.  The courses available have altered slightly.  We have added a course "Long Yellow" which will be TD2 and 3 - 3.5km in length to provide an appropriate starting course for adult beginners.

Points.  We have also changed the maximum points awarded for the shorter courses; Short Green, Light Green and Long Yellow will all carry a maximum of 50 MLS points (Brown and Blue will remain unchanged at 100 and 70 respectively).  The team score will also attract the potential for additional points above the team's score for every successfully completed Long Yellow course, upto a maximum of 6 runners - so it pays to bring new runners along!

Team prizes.  Team prizes will now not be awarded to any team that has not organised an event during the year (including the MLS Summer Series). It doesn't take a many people to run an event and guidance on how to organise an event are on the BAOC website to help - please come forward and volunteer.

New MLS rules will be uploaded onto the Documents page of the BAOC website as soon as I get permission.

I look forward to seeing you all at an event soon, the MLS Season starts on 12 Sep 18 on Barossa!