SEOA Orienteering League 2015/16

32 redoubtable BAOC members competed in SEOA League events during 2015/16 season, contributing to a valliant last place in Div 1.  After one season we rightly return to Div 2, in which we will be far more competitive next season.  However we did (again) TOP the individual average score per run - so that is a veritable victory.  Scores have been emailed to all competitors, but the the highlights were:

Top Scorer                           Axel Blomquist             675  from 6 events

Best Average Score             Axel Blomquist             112.6 over 6 events

                                            Dane Blomquist             112.6 in one event

Best Individual Score          Colin Dickson               128.7 at Ashridge North 

Axel, Colin and Elisabeth competed in 6 of the 9 events.  No-one attended at Friston; only Alaistair Oates attended Hindleap, and only Richard Bonnett at Epping North.

As you can see, the events range far and wide geographically and our main area of activity is South Centre, not South East, so we certainly do not expect to be challenging for Div 1 honours.

Members do not have to enter anything to score, other than turn up at a SEOA Level B event and run well!  Scores are worked out automatically (well by Phillip Gristwood as a labour of love).  Do look at competing strongly next season.

Secretary BAOC