Coaching Qualifications

For those considering taking a coaching qualification but put off by the high fees I have negotiated with BAOC to secure some sponsorship.

The level 2 orienteering coaching course costs are variable dependent on the number students but will be no more than £420. BAOC will offer funding up to £175. The cost of the course can be further reduced by claiming your SLC of £175. This reduces the cost to each student to a maximum of £70.

In order to qualify for this sponsorship each student needs to commit to the following:

After the course the coach will then have to qualify by delivering 6 linked progressive sessions on an intermediate skills course at Longmoor; this is the assessment phase of gaining the qualification.  The coach will then have to either:

  1. Organise 3 coaching sessions for BAOC Members at a club training event such as those organised by SN


     2. Act at as a coach on an AOA skills course

For more information contact Phill Batts at