MLS Summer Series/League fixtures to fill

The Events list has been updated with all the fixture dates of both the MLS Summer Series and new MLS League season up to end of the 2016/2017 season.  There are only 2 Summer Series dates to fill (22 Jun and 27 Jul), 14 League dates (plus 4 that have Planners/Controllers but need an Organising Unit), plus the 3 Championships events (Harris, Relays and Individuals - League points available to Organising Unit and Officials) and the 2017 Prize Giving (check the Events page for unfilled events).  The Summer Series is the perfect time for new planners to test their new found skills or for seasoned planners to try something different, such as planning a Corridor, Spanish Score, multi-butterfly etc, utilising other unusual mapped areas, including barracks and other urban type areas. Willing volunteers to email the MLS Secretary.