MLS Prize Giving - Full Results List

The MLS Prize Giving was held on Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Old Common and Crabtree Plantation on Wed 25 May 16, with Champion status going to Army HQ (retaining League Major Units), Upavon Stn (League Minor Units) and BAOC (retaining the League Guest Team).  SSgt Jamie Ranson (Upavon Stn) was the League Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) retained League Ladies Champion.  Also presented were the MLS Individual Champs prizes, with Capt Paul Pickering (22 Engr Regt) winning Individual Championships Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) winning Individual Championships Ladies Champion.  In the Team Championships the awards went to RMAS (Team Harris Major Units), AACen (Team Harris Minor Units), Army HQ (Team Relays Major Units) and CRHQ AGC (Team Relays Minor Units).  For the full set of Results see the document attached.