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The official side of Army Orienteering is run by the Army Orienteering Association (AOA) with the aim being to promote Orienteering as Military Training to the Army Community.

Orienteering, training or competitive, up to and including Army Team and Individual championships is classified as participating in ‘Individual Military Training’; a distinct form of navigation training, usually taking place in forest or hillside terrain and in urban areas (many unit areas are also now mapped) where it is possible to navigate freely between control points on foot ie not limited to tracks and paths. It can be used as a component of Military Annual Training Test (MATT) 5 – Navigation, a mandatory annual competence test for Army personnel. Army orienteers who compete on duty at higher competitive levels, e.g. Inter Services and UK Armed Forces, or abroad, are classified as participating in Category 2 Sport.

It is authorised by 2018DIN-07-103.

AOA Officers

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AOA Chairman Lt Col Richard Mawer Send a message
AOA Coach Educator Phill Batts Send a message
AOA Coaching Officer Maj Richard Barrett Send a message 07891091579
AOA Mapping Officer Maj(Retd) Colin Dickson Send a message
AOA President Colonel James Rhodes
AOA Secretary WO1 Mark Robson Send a message
AOA Technical Advisor Maj(Retd) Allan Farrington Send a message 07747 446600
Webmaster Mr Tim Booth Send a message

AOA Leagues

The AOA oversees geographically-focussed Military Leagues, enabling military and supporting civilian competitors to participate in quality orienteering events close to their unit locations. They are governed by their own Chair and Secretary, with events delivered in accordance with both BOF  and their own League-specific rules.

Military League South

Military League Midlands

Military League North

Military League Northern Ireland

AOA Documents

Army policy direction and instructions relevant to the overall conduct of Army Orienteering; AOA Executive Committee Minutes.

See AOA Documents page.

AOA Corps Contacts

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AAC Secretary SSgt Luke Williamson Send a message +443001694456
AGC Secretary WO2 Elaine O'Hara-Styles Send a message 0300 163 7952
AMS Secretary Maj Suzy Talbot Send a message
INF Secretary Capt Mathew Rupasinha SCOTS Send a message 9621-86808/0207 2186808
INT Secretary WO2 Andy Lennox Send a message
R SIGNALS Secretary Sgt Katie Costello Send a message 94321 2632 / 01980 672632
RA Secretary Maj Mark Davies Send a message 94311 5293/01980 845293
RAC Secretary WO2 Dale Lucas Send a message 94731 3202
RAPTC Secretary SSgt Rob Harrison Send a message 94253 5221
RE Secretary Lt Col Ali Lea Send a message +44 (0)300 151 3882
REME Secretary Maj Rob Ashton Send a message 94342 2716
RLC Main Secretary Capt Joe Begley Send a message 0300 152 5920
RLC Second Secretary Capt Huw Stradling Send a message