An updated list of the annual AOA Team Champions up to this year has been placed on the Championships Results Page

Congratulations to the Army Team for winning the Inter Services matches.  Particular mention to those that won their first caps: Maj Ed Willcox, Maj Jase Buchanan, Capt Andy Brett and Capt Kezia Jukes.

The Authoratative Orienteering DIN has been updated for the 2015-16 season - please read under Documents for further information.

Where are all the MLC Events this season? Is it all quiet on the Central Front? – No!

Whilst there appear to be few, if any, events organised in the MLC diary, activities are underway to engage with civilian clubs across the region to arrange events on civilian areas to enable military orienteers to participate and compete in the MLC league. Bids are also being developed for some military areas on the patch.

SOC will be running an Event Safety Workshop on Saturday 3 October, probably 1000-1300 hrs.  Venue TBC, but likely to be somewhere in Eastleigh.

The attached document highlights the selection process for the Army Team.  Any questions should be directed to the Team Captains.

In the light of warmer weather and recent incidents, all competitors and event organisers should take note of the heat injury advice on the Event Organisation page. See also Heat Injury Prevention Measures

Find attached the minutes of the MLS Meeting held at Perham Down on Wed 22 May 15.

All civilian runners should be aware that Military League events will no longer appear on the BOF website as they are no longer registered with BOF.  This is because BOF requires all events to be controlled by a BOF qualified individual and it is often the case that Military League events are not, the Army Orienteering Association (AOA) have therefore made alternative arrangements for event Public Liability insurance.  This insurance is just to cover the event organisers against any actions by civilian competitors, it is NOT insurance to cover individuals and anyone running in a Mil League...

An updated version of the E-results Lite user Guide is now on the Event Organisation Tab.  If you spot any errrors let Phill know

Colour Printing – BAOC now have a new Konica Multicolour 7450II A3+ laser colour printer (Sep 12) which will print on normal and waterproof paper.  Contact Colin Dickson at

In the first month  I have printed 1160 maps both A4 & A3.

Guide of costing is

A4  Printing on normal paper .20p per print. Printing on waterproof paper .35p per print

A3  Printing on normal paper .35p per print. Printing on waterproof paper .45p per print

Double sided is available on request.

Tri-Adventure are challenging all 999’s and Armed Forces to take on a totally new Experience this summer!  Fancy a new experience, something challenging, exhilarating and fun?  Well, Tri-Adventure has just the answer! 

The action packed 2012 calendar moves into summer with the hugely popular Tri-Experience and Tri-Challenge and emergency services and armed forces qualify for an automatic 15% discount.

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