The New Forest Marathon which is a full marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K and is on Sunday 11 Sept 16. Any serving Military personnel who wish to enter can use the code UKSERVICES to receive 10% discount on entry. Staff Sergeant Stuart Southwick is also in need marshals for the event, Anyone interested in helping out will be paid in return for their time. For more information contact him on 94273 8448 or 07883090985.


The OCAD user course has been moved to Saturday the 17th. Course content is on the events page.

An orienteering map surveying course has been asked for by BKO but is open to other orienteers both military and civilian. A sound use of OCAD software is need to make the most of this very practical course. It will be held on the 12th of Nov. It is being facilitated by Roger Maher, Mike Elliot and Phill Batts. Details are on the events page.

Any questions should be directed to Phill Batts

A level 2 coaching course is confirmed for 08-10 Nov 16. The venue is Longmoor Camp and the course tutor is Derek Allison.

Entry requirements are a level one qualification OR some coaching experience and a pre course study pack.

The cost of the course can be offset by standard learning credits and a grant from BAOC.

Full details from Phill Batts

This guide has been provided by Hilary Quick of the SOA and is based on the original by Graham Neilson.

Well worth a download as a refresher for all mil league planners

Several weeks ago a proposal for a revised format to the Army Team Champs was posted. After very little feedback a further revision is attached for comment or suggestions.

As at 0900hrs this morning today's MLS Summer Series will go ahead as planned.  Due to the extremely high temperatures the WGBT reading is being constantly monitored.  If the reading exceeds the permissable limit the event will be cancelled.  A final decision will be made at 1100hrs before the first runner is sent out on the course.  For up to date information contact MLS Secretary on 0790012642. 

The next Inter Services Match will take place on 15 Jan 17 and the venue will be Braunton Burrows.

More details to follow from the team captains after summer leave. Prospective Army Team runners are requetsed to put the date in the diary.

32 redoubtable BAOC members competed in SEOA League events during 2015/16 season, contributing to a valliant last place in Div 1.  After one season we rightly return to Div 2, in which we will be far more competitive next season.  However we did (again) TOP the individual average score per run - so that is a veritable victory.  Scores have been emailed to all competitors, but the the highlights were:

Top Scorer                           Axel Blomquist             675  from 6 events

Best Average Score             Axel Blomquist             112.6 over 6 events

Congratulations to Jamie Ranson on taking on the role of MLS Secretary (wef 24 Jun 16) from Stu Greening.  Jamie can be contacted by emailing MLS Secretary.  Stu will now move into a new and more sedentary role as MLS Treasurer, with responsibilities for the finances and MLS equipment.

For those considering taking a coaching qualification but put off by the high fees I have negotiated with BAOC to secure some sponsorship.

The level 2 orienteering coaching course costs are variable dependent on the number students but will be no more than £420. BAOC will offer funding up to £175. The cost of the course can be further reduced by claiming your SLC of £175. This reduces the cost to each student to a maximum of £70.

In order to qualify for this sponsorship each student needs to commit to the following:

Find attached the minutes of the MLS Meeting held at Basingstoke War Memorial Park on Wed 25 May 16.

The Harvester Trophy is fast approaching and at present (3rd June), there are no BAOC Teams. The organisers, NGOC, point out that the first closing date is on Sunday, 5th June, so get your skates on if you want to enter. See the web site at or contact the organiser directly if you have any questions  -

The Events list has been updated with all the fixture dates of both the MLS Summer Series and new MLS League season up to end of the 2016/2017 season.

Ths Basic Skill course in June is now full.

The next one is 12-15 Sep, booked via the ASPT; lnik to Susan's email address on events page. Planners and Intermediate Skills also on that week.

The MLS Prize Giving was held on Basingstoke War Memorial Park, Old Common and Crabtree Plantation on Wed 25 May 16, with Champion status going to Army HQ (retaining League Major Units), Upavon Stn (League Minor Units) and BAOC (retaining the League Guest Team).  SSgt Jamie Ranson (Upavon Stn) was the League Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) retained League Ladies Champion.  Also presented were the MLS Individual Champs prizes, with Capt Paul Pickering (22 Engr Regt) winning Individual Championships Men's Champion and Lt Col Woo Allen (RMAS) winning Individual Championships Ladies...

The following areas are Out of Bounds to Orienteering until after the dates delow, this is due to major events.

Long Valley North - SN Trophy 11 Dec 2016

Hawley - Concorde Chase 29 Jan 2017

POC Colin Dickson -

Follow link for a good number of photos, kindly taken by Andy Johnson, from Day 2 (the Relay) of the Army Inter-Unit Team Championships

The current MLS Secretary, WO1 Stu Greening, is leaving the Army shortly (as announced at the MLS Meeting in May 2015).  Therefore the position will become vacant post the MLS Prize Giving event on Wednesday 25 May 2016 (handover prior to Fri 24 Jun 16).  A copy of the duties and responsibilities are attached.  Anyone interested in taking on this very rewarding and challenging position should contact the MLS Secretary by email or telephone (military 94344 8098 or civilian number 01980 618098).

Find attached the results for the MLS Individual Championships, held at Long Valley South on Wed 20 Apr 16.  Any discrepancies to the MLS O Sec in the first instance.  Prize will be presented at the Prize Giving Ceremony event on Wed 25 May 16 at Basingstoke.  Thanks to Colin Dickson for a wonderfully planned course and in particular to all the O Minions who helped out on the day; THANK YOU!