On Tuesday 20 November Director Army Sports Control Board hosts the 2018 Army Sports Awards at RMA Sandhurst. One of the highlights of the evening will be the presentation to Major (Retired) Colin Dickson of the Lifetime Achievement Award for his unmatched contribution to Army Orienteering.  Check the ASCB Facebook page and www.forces.net for live coverage of the event from 1930 hrs.

The revised 2018DIN07-103 (available on this site) published during the late Summer directed a change to the Insurance and data protection statement at the bottom of AOA event fliers. This now requires further change to with regard to risk ownership.

With immediate effect, Event Organisers are to ensure that the following text is incorporated into relevant section of all event fliers, replacing existing text.

This event is conducted iaw British Orienteering Rules 2018 (v3.7) and land booked iaw the AOA DIO Licence and JSP907. 

The BAOC AGM will be held on Wed 21 Nov at 1300hrs at the MLS event on Long Valley (South).  It is a requirement of the Constitution to hold an AGM every year.  Quorum for the meeting to be valid is 10 BAOC Members over the age of 16.  It is intended to take no longer than 30 minutes!

Location:  entrance at Grid SU847510 off Bourley Road, 500m West of Wellington Roundabout (GU11 1SQ) on the A325.

The Agenda will include:

Chairman's, Secretary's and Treasurer's Reports

Army Orienteering was recently covered by the Forces Network.

To find out more, go to https://www.forces.net/sport/300-orienteers-compete-military-league-south

01 Nov - More information is now available in an admin instruction (attached to the event) which provides authority for attendance/travel bookings etc. Please read carefully and adhere to the direction within the instruction and DIN. All event documentation sits on the Events page for the 2018 Army Inter Corps Orienteering Championships (Exercise CUNNING RUNNER) It will take place as follows: Inter-Corps Day 1 (Night). Sat 24 Nov 18 – (GO) Southern Night Championships – Puttenham (includes the Army Night Championships). Inter-Corps Day 2 (Day).

To all MLS Event Organisers,

Following the AGM in June, one point that was raised and is captured in the AGM Minutes was the release of early event information to allow units to plan and bid for transport. A Great example of this has just been added to the Sidbury Hill event on 5 Dec 18. The event flyer is up with basic information in DRAFT; this will get updated as we get closer to the day.

Please take a look and use it as an example for future events; we are aiming to get initial event information up 6 weeks prior to the event.

See you all soon,

The DIN which defines Authority for Army Orienteering has been revised and published (2018DIN07-103).

It can be found in the Documents Section at http://www.baoc.info/sites/default/files/2012/10/29/2018DIN07-103.pdf

Opportunities to attend the World Masters in Riga next year 4 - 13 Jul 19 are available. https://www.wmoc2019.lv/

This will be a R SIGNALS led training camp that is open to all Regular and Reserve personnel. There are a maximum of 20 places available.

If you are interested please drop me a message with Service number, rank, name, unit and mobile number and I will add you to the distribution of the Warning Order due in Oct 18.

Maj Sally Calland - Salarmy@hotmail.co.uk

At the back end of last MLS season, the MLS committee held an AGM with open attendance. Having failed in getting the minutes uploaded to the BAOC website, i have resorted to attaching them here.

Please browse at your own leisure!




Good afternoon,

Following my last notice highlighting the major changes to the MLS18/19 season, the MLS Rules have now been uplaoded to the BAOC Website.  Follow the "Documents" tab to access them.

Alternatively, follow this link.



No medals for BAOC members today.  Rich Mawer had the best position just off the podium (4th) in M45.  Charles BG took 5th= in M55.  Axel Blomquist (M65) and Mick Brett (M50) in 12th were the only other top 15 places.

Congratulations to Richard Barrett on becoming the M45 British Sprint Champion at Saturday's event at Bath University.  He won by 4 seconds, having only taken the lead over the last 4 controls, so it seems that a slow start worked well.  Richard Mawer was just off the Podium in 4th place.

But Axel Blomquist was BAOC's other medallist - Bronze in M65.  Well done.

Good afternoon everyone!

This is a message to update you all on a few changes that will occur for this coming MLS season.

Courses.  The courses available have altered slightly.  We have added a course "Long Yellow" which will be TD2 and 3 - 3.5km in length to provide an appropriate starting course for adult beginners.

Andrew Hensman came across a memorial display in the Imperial Museum in London and found the attached pictures of Maj Nick Bateson Royal Signals who had been a stalwart of BAOC throughout his career before his tragic demise in Iraq and after whom we have named the BAOC Long-O.

Lt Col Chris Huthwaite is organising the 'Nick Bateson' Trophy Long Orienteering event on Wed 2 Jan 19.  Bulford ranges is no longer a possible but it is hoped to move the event to Ash ranges instead..  Full event details will follow, but Chris is currently seeking volunteer assistants for the following roles:  

  • Parking

  • Start

  • Standby Search & Rescue Team /  First Aid

Contact details:  huthwaite.chris at gmail.com or Christopher.Huthwaite463 at mod.gov.uk

Between Sunday 29th July and Friday 3rd August 2018, over 70 Army personnel from a wide range of Corps participated in the Lakes 5 Days Competition, occurring every 4th year.

The event comprised five individual national level events with one rest / activity day which included an urban orienteering event. Courses were challenging, given the technical nature of the terrain and the changeable weather: whilst the rest of the UK baked in a heatwave, for at least 2 days competitors were required to wear cagoules, given the heavy rain.

The Orienteering Foundation is a registered UK charity (No: 1118793) to promote innovation and to support people and projects in orienteering through fund-raising activities; it is independent of British Orienteering. Many grants have been made, for example supporting national teams, regional squads training at home and abroad, and enabling and enhancing other projects. The current project is to support the GB team at this year's World Championships in Latvia from 4-11 August.

The criteria for selection for the Army Orienteering have been refreshed and are available in the documents page here

Please note that Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) is not classified as Individual Military Training (IMT) by the AOA.

Any Service Person wishing to enter the MTBO Score Course at Stoke Park Woods on Wed 01 Aug 18 will need to enter as a civilian.

Dear MLS competitor,

Please note that due to the hot weather we must highlight the potential dangers to participants at MLS events.  We are trying to mitigate the risk as much as possible, but we ask that you consider the following to help us reduce the likelihood of potential heath issues: