At the back end of last MLS season, the MLS committee held an AGM with open attendance. Having failed in getting the minutes uploaded to the BAOC website, i have resorted to attaching them here.

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Following my last notice highlighting the major changes to the MLS18/19 season, the MLS Rules have now been uplaoded to the BAOC Website.  Follow the "Documents" tab to access them.

Alternatively, follow this link.



No medals for BAOC members today.  Rich Mawer had the best position just off the podium (4th) in M45.  Charles BG took 5th= in M55.  Axel Blomquist (M65) and Mick Brett (M50) in 12th were the only other top 15 places.

Congratulations to Richard Barrett on becoming the M45 British Sprint Champion at Saturday's event at Bath University.  He won by 4 seconds, having only taken the lead over the last 4 controls, so it seems that a slow start worked well.  Richard Mawer was just off the Podium in 4th place.

But Axel Blomquist was BAOC's other medallist - Bronze in M65.  Well done.

Good afternoon everyone!

This is a message to update you all on a few changes that will occur for this coming MLS season.

Courses.  The courses available have altered slightly.  We have added a course "Long Yellow" which will be TD2 and 3 - 3.5km in length to provide an appropriate starting course for adult beginners.

Andrew Hensman came across a memorial display in the Imperial Museum in London and found the attached pictures of Maj Nick Bateson Royal Signals who had been a stalwart of BAOC throughout his career before his tragic demise in Iraq and after whom we have named the BAOC Long-O.

Lt Col Chris Huthwaite is organising the 'Nick Bateson' Trophy Long Orienteering event on Wed 2 Jan 19.  Bulford ranges is no longer a possible but it is hoped to move the event to Ash ranges instead..  Full event details will follow, but Chris is currently seeking volunteer assistants for the following roles:  

  • Parking

  • Start

  • Standby Search & Rescue Team /  First Aid

Contact details:  huthwaite.chris at or Christopher.Huthwaite463 at

Between Sunday 29th July and Friday 3rd August 2018, over 70 Army personnel from a wide range of Corps participated in the Lakes 5 Days Competition, occurring every 4th year.

The event comprised five individual national level events with one rest / activity day which included an urban orienteering event. Courses were challenging, given the technical nature of the terrain and the changeable weather: whilst the rest of the UK baked in a heatwave, for at least 2 days competitors were required to wear cagoules, given the heavy rain.

The Orienteering Foundation is a registered UK charity (No: 1118793) to promote innovation and to support people and projects in orienteering through fund-raising activities; it is independent of British Orienteering. Many grants have been made, for example supporting national teams, regional squads training at home and abroad, and enabling and enhancing other projects. The current project is to support the GB team at this year's World Championships in Latvia from 4-11 August.

The criteria for selection for the Army Orienteering have been refreshed and are available in the documents page here

Please note that Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTBO) is not classified as Individual Military Training (IMT) by the AOA.

Any Service Person wishing to enter the MTBO Score Course at Stoke Park Woods on Wed 01 Aug 18 will need to enter as a civilian.

Dear MLS competitor,

Please note that due to the hot weather we must highlight the potential dangers to participants at MLS events.  We are trying to mitigate the risk as much as possible, but we ask that you consider the following to help us reduce the likelihood of potential heath issues:

After a break in attendance of some years, BAOC managed to field not just one but two teams in the annual Harvester Relay competition, held at Tilgate Forest on 23-24 Jun 18.  This national level race, now in its 40th year, is the UK’s equivalent to the internationally renowned Tiomila and Jukola mass relay events from Scandinavia - though on a much smaller scale!  The A team, comprising 7 Army-capped runners, won the Small Club category and were placed third overall on the A Course.  Running the B Course, the 5-man B team, finished 11th of 23 teams.

The new BAOC O Tops have been selling very well, so much so that we have had to re-order in all sizes med & above. They are available from Allan Farrington, email, see attached sheet for details. Cost is only £25. Tight fit so order one size above your normal.  Allan will also have them at all MLS events.

Further guidance on GDPR and what it means for Army Orienteering is now available in the Document section of this site -

The Army Orienteering Association (AOA) will expect AOA sponsored event organisers and other responsible officials to comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018, which encompassed the EU General Data Protection Regulation on 25 May.

The Six Principles of the Data Protection Act

To allow units to plan urban courses in barrack areas where there is currently no O map the use of Google Earth sat images is possible. this simple user guide shows how to achieve this and produce scaled course maps. Version 1 dated 20 Jun 18. Error notifications to Phill Batts via

At the MLS AGM on Wed 13 Jun it was agreed that an extra course would be added, the Short Green course would be provided at all events and is designed for the experienced orienteer who is injured and cannot run a full cse our those who want a technical challenge but not up to a full blue cse, also the Red/Long Orange course would now become an Orange cse approximately the same length as the Short Green cse (just over 3Km) but of mainly TD2 with some TD3 controls if appropriate, basically a long yellow designed for the Novice soldier orienteer to get them started on orienteering before they...

The DRAFT MLN-O League results for the 2017-2018 season are here:

The format of the Inter Unit Championships has been revised following the recent event and is attached . Your  feedback is requested and any comments or observations should be forwarded to the AOA Chairman, NLT Fri 29 Jun 18

A report on Army participation in World Orienteering Day on Day 1 of the Inter Unit Championships can be found here.

Photos from day 1 are available on the Pictures Page.