Congrats go to the old man Calvin Routledge and the young pretender Rob Ashton who won the Marine Jamie Hutton Trophy/Military Class in the long Score Class at the OMM in Snowdonia at the weekend. 21 Military teams. They were 8th out of 200 pairs overall. 13 hours/65 K/11000 ft of climb.  Also well done to the all REME team of Des Dickinson and Gareth Mansfield who were 4th.


Very sad to report that Julie Wilkinson, wife of Tom our regular MLS caterer, who had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour, sadly passed away on Sunday 15 Oct, a great shock to us all. All our thoughts are with Tom and his family during this time.  Funeral is Fri 10 Nov

Minutes for the MLS AGM held on the 26 Sept 2023 have been uploaded to BAOC,

Following the MLS AGM, proposed rule amendments have been incorporated into the MLS Rules for the 23/24 League Season and have been uploaded to BAOC.     Regards, MLS Sec.

Infantry Orienteering Champs 25 Oct 2023 at Hankley. See flier on calender and contact

Apologies for the short notice, the MLS will hold an AGM on Tuesday 26 Sept 2023 prior to the start of the new League Season. It was felt that proposed MLS Rule changes should be brought to the attention of an AGM prior to the start of the Season and has resulted in this short notice.

PFA the list of proposed changes with reasoning for change, comments are welcome to be sent to the MLS Sec prior to the AGM or raised during it.

The AGM will be held via Zoom PSB:

Topic: MLS AGM 2023/2024

Time: Sep 26, 2023 07:00 PM London

The MLN MapRun League will not continue into Aug and Sep. The first month we had over 100 Mil runners, for the second month there were only 14 and with the last Wed of Jul over we have had only 11. The Army in the North obviously isn't interested in Orienteering so the league will close.

The New Secretary, Maj Mark Davis, will attempt to generate enough interest to allow the league to re-start in the Autumn

The Planners course scheduled for 11-14 Sep cannot take place at Longmoor.

We have taken the decision to move it to Catterick and to facilitate this the dates have also had to change to 09-12 Oct.

As some of the people already allocated a place will drop out because of the location change, can those further north apply for places please.

BAOC requires new committee members: at least a Chair and/or a new Secretary. It is a requirement for affiliation to British Orienteering that we have, at a minimum, a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and a Safeguarding Lead.   We are currently without a Chair and will need someone before the next AGM this autumn. The Secreatary is content to step forward if someone takes over that role, as no one person can fill two or more roles.

Due to the current incumbent of the above two posts retiring from the Army, we are looking to replace them with either one or two military volunteers by the end of Sept 23. If you are interested in undertaking one or both of these roles and want to find out what is involved, please contact WO1 John Leddy ( for further information.

The MLN-O MapRun event for Jun 23 is now live. Full details are on the calendar page.

The next Map Making using OCAD 2020 course will take place at the AOA Centre of Excellence in Longmoor camp over the period 08-09 Jun 23. There was a limit of 6 places which have all been taken. If you want a place on a future course then please get in touch with Phill Batts.

All personnel are reminded to check that their details are correct in the BAOC results and on RaceSignUp, this includes their Service number or BOF number for civilian runners and age group. If incorrect or missing please inform the Results Secretary ( asap.

If your details are incorrect it may result in yourself not being eligible for one’s age category or result in your team missing out on league points.

To assist units increase their navigation training over an extremely busy period, MLN has launched a five month MapRun League. Each event will stay in place for the whole month and comprise three virtual courses, a long at TD4, a medium at TD3 and a short at TD4. The league will be open to civilians. The league rules and program of events is attached to this news item

On Thursday 20th April at 0400, our service provider will be upgrading the software for the server that operates our web site. During this time, the BAOC web site will be unavailable. While this should take no longer than an hour, it is possible that it may take longer. Please make sure you get any necessary informaton from the web site before it becomes unavailable.

Tim Booth, BAOC Webmaster

You might have seen the large Viking sculpture being made and gifted on Channel 4's Woodland Workshop program? This relates to the Community Interest Company it was presented to. The Viking Boat Co. is a not-for-profit community enterprise situated in the heart of Darlington. Their purpose is to help ex-military personnel develop mental resilience and coping strategies to counter the effects of PTSD, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and isolation to help them lead active and fulfilling lives in their community.

Congratulations to all members of the Army Team for a convincing victory over the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy this weekend. The match, hosted by Southampton Orienteering Club, was held on Sunday 19 February 2023 in glorious sunshine at Long Beech, New Forest.

With the RN and RAF unfortunately unable to field sufficient female runners to make a team, the Army Women’s Team, racing on the Blue course, were assured victory in the team competition but nevertheless dominated, with four runners in the top six.

BAOC compete in the SE O League and the attached page shows the club scores from the SN event on LVS on 13 Nov. As it was Armistice Sunday obviously not many BAOC members were able to run. The remaining events are as follows:

27-Nov-22  SAX  Hindleap  4-Dec-22 CHIG  Epping E (SE Long Champs)  22-Jan-23  DFOK  Chelwood  5-Feb-23   GO  Waggoners Wells    

19-Feb-23  LOK Holmbury   05-Mar-23   HH  Burnham & Egypt   19-Mar-23  MV  Balcombe   14-May-23   SO  Eartham Wood

Please find the information you need for this weekend at the link below.!Aks0VLFuYo9NkpQk-g5WFkluWzYCmg?e=nYYYwp Your loan dibbers will be in a Corps team bag at the Army results vehicle (Allan's usual EMIT one), Identified by a white feather, on Sat afternoon.

CLARO have kindly made this map available for teams to train on. It is at 1:4,000 and by the same mapping team as Brimham Rocks but it doesn't have the rock features. Access can be found at SE300698 or 


The final details from CLARO have been released for the night element on Brimham Rocks. Team Captains are asked to ensure that all competitors are aware of the details, especially the safety requirements.