Congratulations to 3 Regt AAC Men's team and and 11 Sig Regt Women's team on their respective wins at the Army Team Championships 2022 which were held at Longmoor on 25 & 26 May 22.  In the build up to the competition, two coaching sessions were held Hogmoor and Longmoor which were attended by over 50 competitors, the majority of whom were novices.  These sessions undoutedly helped those who participated with the technical challenges posed by the planner, Colin Dickson controlled by Colin Metcalfe.  On Day 1 over 180 personnel from 30 Unit teams tackled the Spanish Score on the west of...

 The AOA Coaching courses for 2022/23 have been confirmed as follows:

  - Planners Course: 13-16 Jun 22, 19 - 22 Sep 22 and 23 - 26 Jan 23.

  - Basic Skills Courses: 19 - 22 Sep 22, 7 - 10 Nov 22, 13 - 16 Mar 23.

 - Intermediate Skills Course: 7 - 10 Nov 22 and 23 - 26 Jan 23.

 - Advanced Skills Course: 7 - 10 Nov 22 and 23 - 26 Jan 23.

Level 2 Coaching course 19 - 22 Sep 22. Further details and the application process will be available via the calendar page.


The British Long championships were held on a new area for orienteering at Cognor Wood in Surrey on a cool and sunny late March weekend.  The physically demanding area tested all competitors with steep climbs and descents with plenty of contour detail, varying runnability and good route choice options.

Eight BAOC orienteers ran at the British Middle Championships on 6 March at Rushmere Country park, near Leightoiin Buzzard, hosted by East Anglia OA. Many Congratulation to Richard Barrett, who produced the only podium placing, 3rd on M50 (5.5km 175m in 37:53), but other top results were Paul Lane (5th on M65), Colin Dickson (6th on M65) and Elisabeth Dickson (7th on W60) all achieving Championship standard times. Close behind were Carol Prosser (9th on W60), Tamla Short (10th on W21), Richard Bonnett (25th on M65) and Ian Prosser (37th on M65).  Well done all.

Team Captains are kindly requested to take note of the following within the MLS rules regards Novice runners. Please also note that there is Novice Prize Category within the League.

Please see below for the definition of a Novice from MLS rules:

Richard Barrett is now taking over the duties of AOA Coaching Officer from Phill Batts. Richard's new email address is and his phone number is 07891091579.

The Joining Instructions for future courses will be updated to reflect these changes soon.

If you want to apply for a place on an AOA course, or are enquiring about your place on the Nov Inters course, please use Richard's contact details.

As temperatures rise during the summer, it is necessary to assess the impact of heat on military orienteering activities in line with JSP 375.

As many of you will be aware, Lt Col Chris Huthwaite has recently stepped-down from the role of AOA Chairman, handing over to Lt Col Richard Mawer. Chris has given over six years to the role and has achieved an enormous amount. All of us involved in Army orienteering owe a huge debt of thanks to him. A formal vote of appreciation is planned for when we next meet as a community (on current planning, likely to be the MLS end of season prize giving).

MLS Unit Reps,

I am looking at updating the Contacts list which I currently have for the MLS unit reps. If you are the unit rep or team captain and have not received an email from myself recently in regards to MLS AGM or FOE than please send your details to myself via the AOA details tab.


SSgt Des Dickinson

MLS Secretary

'Soldiers must not forget how to read maps ... Commander of the Field Army has said' according to The Daily Telegraph Defence Correspondent in an article on Saturday 5 December. "The big 'what if' is, if we lose that satellite, lose that geo-locating device, if we lose our communication system, how do we operate?"  'Other senior commanders are ...

There is now an Army Orienteering Group on Facebook, with the primary intent to gain more exposure within the Army sport community.  Membership of the Private Group is open to all BAOC Members and military orienteers, but it will be Public so that any-one can find it and read on Facebook.  However only Members can post.

With immediate effect no AOA sponsored orienteering event and or activity utilising the AOA DIO Licence has authority for Mountain Bike Orienteering:

- That no Service Person is to organise or participate in Mountain Bike Orienteering under the banner of an AOA event or activity; and,

- That the AOA considered Mountain Bike Orienteering to be an adventure training activity outwith its remit to organise or govern.

AOA Chair

The AOA Executive Committee is pleased to announce that with effect Wed 15 May 19, Colonel Ed Heal will be the newly appointed AOA President, vice Brigadier James Woodham.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Brigadier James for his stalwart support since 2013 and wish him many more years of successful cunning running.  We welcome Colonel Ed and look forward to his future contribution as President.

The Admin instruction and application annex for EX SMART RUNNER, The Army Inter Unit Championships is now available via the Events tab

A licence has been reissued to enable civilian orienteers to participate on the DIO estate as part of military league orienteering events.

The text of the licence is unchanged but the pricing structure has been revised.

With immediate effect, the following charges will apply for each civilian orienteer participant, which will require a levy payment to the AOA Treasurer each quarter;

£2.00 during the year Feb 2019 to Jan 2020

£2.10 during the year Feb 2020 to Jan 2021

£2.25 during the year Feb 2021 to Jan 2022

We have a new batch of BAOC O-Tops in, cost a meare £25, open news item to see attached pic. The sizings are small so most go up one size, we have S, M, L, XL & XXL.  Allan Farrington takes them to all the MLS events, or you can email him at with your order, postage will be £2 extra.

To allow units to upskill their runners the AOA/ASPT basic skills course 13-15 May has been adapted to coincide with the ARMY Inter Unit Team Championships; which is now taking place on Longmoor Trg Areas.

Students on this course WILL be able to compete in unit teams, in this Championships on the 15th and 16th.

The course timetable is being adjusted to run for two longer days (Mon/Tue until approx. 20.00hrs) and until midday on the Wed 15th to fit in the full course content.

Congratulations to all members of the Army Team on the convincing victory over the RAF and Navy this weekend.

The Army Mens combined time (6 runners) of 5hrs 54mins 42secs was nearly 1hr 20mins faster than second placed team, the RAF.

The Army Womens combined time (4 runners) of 3hrs 31mins 23secs was more than 2hrs 11mins faster than second placed team, the RAF.

Individual winners were Maj Rob Ashton REME and Capt Kezia Jukes RE.

A series of leadership lectures will be delivered during 2019 by prominent sports men and women from across a number of sporting disciplines, which may be useful. They will take place in Montgomery House, Aldershot with the first lecture on Fri 11 Jan 19 at 1100hrs delivered by Katy Parott who is an Ultra-Athlete.

Some highlights of 2018, which AOA has used to brief the Chain of Command recently.