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Please note that for a Team to be eligible for a MLS league/Relay/Harris prize, that unit or club must have organised at least one event at any point over the summer and Winter League prior to the prize giving.

There are still a couple of events in the season which require an organiser if you think you are not yet eligible for a prize.

SSgt Dickinson, MLS Secretary

A beautiful crisp and sunny day greeted competitors as they arrived at Cinderford in the Forest of Dean to contest the 2019 edition of the Inter Services Orienteering Championships.  The competition area presented terrain typical of the region - runnable sections of woodland interspersed with dense forestry blocks, numerous tracks and steep valleys.  Recent heavy rainfall made for very slippery conditions and the going underfoot was tough.  The men would compete over a 10.4km classic course, with 275m of climb; for the women the distance was 6.1km with 150m gain in height. 

Please note that if you went up an age gp on 1 Jan 2020, this will not be reflected in your results until the end of the League in May 2020. Competitors remain in the age gp they started the league season in, so an M21 remains as M21 until end of the league season, even though they became M35 on 1 Jan 2020 under BOF age gp rules. The only exception is anyone starting in the league after 1 Jan 2020 who can run in their new age gp.  This ensures consistency and those in the older age gp are not disadvantaged by having people use scores in their class from a younger age gp. 

The current and historical list of AOA/IS Champions has been updated again after January's Inter-Services Championships, it can be found here.

If you spot any errors or have any suggested amendments, please contact Maj Richard Barrett.

Nick Bateson> 1958-2007> When Nick was killed in a tragic road traffic accident in Iraq on 01 May 07 he left behind his loving, supportive wife Angela. > Brought up in Kent, Nick went to school in Tonbridge. After Uni Nick joined the Army and was commmisioned into the Royal Signals.> Nick was a gifted athlete taking part in all things running and triathlon. Arguably he was lucky to serve when he did, a time when purse strings were not so tight and Army numbers high.

As there are no BAOC events now until 8 Jan why not try putting your route up on Route Gadget (RG) for one of the previous events such as MLS Winchester Urban and compare it to others, Most MLS events now get posted to RG and it is a good way to anaylse routes, we have also now got the Score event at Winchester on RG as well.

The BAOC web site will be down during the afternoon and evening of Saturday 28th December 2019 while the webmaster updates the site. I hope this is while all are making merry.

Please let me know if this will cause a problem to any stakeholders and I will try to reschedule.

Tim Booth, BAOC Webmaster

The Inter Services Orienteering match will take place on Sun 19 Jan 20 in the Forest of Dean on Lightening Tree Hill hosted by NGOC.

Congratulations to the Army Men's and Ladies Team and Reserve runners on their selection:

Army Men

Maj Rob Ashton, Maj Richard Barratt, Maj Jason Buchanan, Sgt Dan Cope, Maj Ed Dickins, SSgt Des Dickinson (New Cap), Capt Al Finlay (New Cap),2Lt Paddy Jones (New Cap), Lt Col Rich Mawer (Captain), SSgt Calvin Routledge

Reserves Capt Rob Gardner, 2Lt Huw Stradling, Lt Col John Owens

This year’s Inter Corps Orienteering Championships took place over two days on the evening of Sat 30 Nov 19 and Sun 1 Dec 19.  Day 1 was a night event on Caerwent Training Area as part of the Southern Night Champs organised by the British Army Orienteering Club (BAOC).  Some 360 competitors took out into the night, of which more than 150 of these were soldiers.  Day 2 was part of the Southern Champs weekend, held in the Forest of Dean, at Churchill Inclosure and Cannop Ponds and organised by Bristol Orienteering Club (BOK) with some 450 competitors of which c.165 were soldiers.  It was a...

Places on all three AOA skills courses at Longmoor in Jan over the period 27-30th. All three levels are being offered Basic, Intermediate and Advanced O skills. These courses are ours and not ASPT ones so bid to direct. Joining instructions and application forms on the events page

Corps Team Captains please note the AOA needs to give BOK numbers of competitors on each course for the 1 Dec event in FOD by Sun 24 Nov so they can order maps for printing on Mon 25th. In order to do that we need to know how many teams each Corps plans to enter.

The admin order for these championships is now available on the events page. Direct Link is:

If you wish to enter, get in touch with your Corps secretary whose details can be found on the AOA page. Individuals who do not expect to make their corps teams can enter direct via Fabian4.



from the

Army Orienteering Association

to celebrate a

magnificent relationship


18th December 2019


A good friend is cheaper than therapy” 

For clarity Rule 22 has been amended and will read as follows:

Age Grouping. For the purposes of the MLS League, Individual championships, Team Harris and Team Relay competitions, individuals will compete in the BO age category that they will hold at the beginning of the year for the current MLS season (ie. 2019/2020 season, age category as at 31 Dec 2019).



SSgt Dickinson (MLS Secretary)

If you cheat, do not be too successful:

The UK does not participate in any CISM sports, so do not even think of asking!  Historical politics and financial explanations.


Congratulations to Lt Col Charles Bromley Gardner on receiving an Army Sports Control Board Lifetime Achievement Award for his Services to Army Sports.

Col Charles has had an active role across skiing, rugby, athletics and of course, orienteering throughout his regular and reserve service both in terms of personal performance and officiating.

The awards ceremony will take place at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on Thursday 21st November 2019, to celebrate with the winners and other sportsmen and women from across the British Army.

The Cyprus International Orienteering Festival participants will have exclusive use of the HylatioHoliday Village during the dates 10-15 March 2020. This will also be the Event Centre.

Events at: Kourion, Lophou Village, Kouris Dam, Melanda North and Melanda South

Flyer available from the Coaching Officer facebook page

Unless otherwise stated all Army orienteering events have a no dogs on the course policy.

Competitors are discouraged from bringing dogs, but they are allowed in the carparks when on a lead. Dogs are not welcome at Registration, on courses, or at the catering stand. 

This is to comply with Range Standing Orders and the DIO Licence for non-entitled civilians.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

AOA Chair

Army competitors claimed podium places at the British Sprint and the Middle Distance Orienteering Championships over the weekend of Sat 14 and Sun 15 Sep 19.  Congratulations to double Silver medallist Maj Rob Ashton (M35) and Bronze Medallists, SSgt Vicky McCreadie (W35) in the Sprint and Lt Col Rich Mawer (M45) in the Middle distance.  Commiserations to Maj Rich Barrett (M45) who was on route to a medal in the Sprint before injury struck.