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Our Next Few Events

Wed 4th Nov   MLS   Windmill Hill
Wed 11th Nov   MLS   Hankley Common (inc. REME Champs)
Sat 28th Nov   Inter Corps Nights Championships   Twelsedown, Long Valley
Wed 2nd Dec   Inter Corps Championships Day Event   Long Valley North
Thu 3rd Dec   BAOC Event   Annual General Meeting
Wed 6th Jan   MLS   Barossa Range Danger Area (Nick Bateson Memorial Event)   This event will now also include the Inter Services match

Take Note

The MLS will always aim to provide orienteering at the lowest possible cost to the individual/Unit, whilst also providing the service and standard we have all come to enjoy.

One of the ways in reducing the entry fees per person is by having a large number of participants. Unfortunately as the MLS is currently restricted with regard to the number of civilian participants, we have had to re-consider our current cost model and with the current projected number of Military runners the MLS needs to increase the entry fees slightly by 50p per person. The MLS will continue to review the entry fees and will reduce them the moment that it is viable.


MLS Secretary

MOD policy in order to protect the force requires the Army Orienteering Association to limit participation, be it as an official or competitor, in Military Orienteering events to a maximum of 30 non-entitled civilians, subject to any tighter regional regulations. We are now clear that this applies to AOA events on whatever land, and all events on MOD land, until further notice, which is likely to be at least months away.  The timing of this restriction meant that 175 entrants to the MLS (Military League South) event on Drayton Down on 7 October were denied their run.  Their entry fees are being held as a credit within...


The (current small) Committee has co-opted two additional officials to help manage club activities:  Karen O'Hara-Styles has volunteered as Membership Secretary, whilst Rob Ashton agreed to be the Manager for BAOC teams in civilian relays e.g. JK, British Champs etc (let's hope that there will be some next year).

The Membership will be invited to endorse these appointments at the AGM, which will be held virtually on Thu 3 Dec, at 7.30 pm. Further details will follow. There will also be the routine annual election of Officers (Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer): Chris Huthwaite took over as the interim Chairman in mid-year after Paul L'Estrange went abroad.  John  Leddy has offerd to take over from Allan Farrington as Treasurer...


Applications are invited for the replacement of the Army Orienteering Association’s (AOA) coaching officer, who is retiring in May 21. This important part-time appointment coordinates and delivers coaching to soldiers and plays a pivotal role in developing orienteering as an ‘individual military skill’ in the British Army. The role forms part of a partnership of mutual benefit between the AOA and the ‘community’ of civilian orienteers. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about coaching; well organised; a highly skilled communicator, capable of developing solid partnerships, then this appointment may well suit you (applications close Fri 30 Oct 20). 

Procedure for application.  All interested applicants are...



After due consideration and a review of the delivery of Army Orienteering as a component of Individual Military Training (IMT), the Army Orienteering Association (AOA) have decided that in order to protect the force and reputation of the Army and MOD, further compliance measures are required during this global pandemic.

Unfortunately, the impact of this decision will be felt mostly by our loyal civilian community who have recently help us provide top class orienteering for all, delivered by an exceptionally capable volunteer team.

I can assure you that it was not a decision that has been taken lightly, but Protecting the Military Force by allowing orienteering to continue...


Due to the progress of the pandemic across the UK the ASPT and the AOA have decided that value of the course continuing is not worth the risks associated with putting it on.

We will aim to continue with the January courses. The inters course is filling up fast!

Apologies for the disappointment.