MLS Results: Wed 19th Feb 2020 - Upavon

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Hope you enjoyed the unusual format, needed something different for such a small area. This event was put on at very short notice so thanks to Stu Greening for the area and getting us access and helping with controls and the admin and to Des the Sec for pushing for the event to happen and also standing in for me as planner due to my illness and putting out the controls, plus helping throughout at the event. Times were probably ideal, I thought a gazelle might steam around in under 50, but the Brit Squad guys stayed away. It would have needed another pair of controls to limit those getting the max to 3 or less and I had originally planned a final pair back over the road on the airfield after a timed out road crossing and a spectator sprint finish down between the hangars, but as it is a working airfield this was ruled out for safety reasons.

As usual full online results were available live here and still are:

League points now corrected, the original post gave those on the max an incorrect bonus of 10pts per minute instead of 1 pt as per the rules.

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