MLS Results: Wed 30th Jan 2019 - Greenham Common

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77 Bde

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Thanks for coming to Greenham, it is a unique area, hopefully next year we will be back using the eastern end which has a wider range of terrain.  The use of the newly opened cafe meant the registration team were at least warm. There is an even bigger cafe opening in the business park this year, if they have a decent sized car park there we could consider it.  The parkrun starts near control 141 every Saturday.

Planning was a pleasure once I got agreement to use the business park as it offered the opportunity to give a variety of terrain for the longer courses, especially with the fenced wooded area inside the park. Greenham can be a bit boring if to many long legs so it was mainly shorter legs with route choice or  running you quickly into the technical strip down the middle. I thought the Brown might be a bit short, but with one person under 60 mins it was actually spot on. 


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