MLS Results: Wed 21st Feb 2018 - Perham Down, Tidworth

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26 Engr Regt

Thanks to the BADO crew for making the best use of the area, just wish they could have avoided that hill at the end.  The light green wood early on was actually quite runnable. Some people were also caught out at the start thinking they were running off to the west but were actually heading south to the start kite. Make sure you are switched on from the outset. It was also fun to keep crossing paths with the drag hounds, although that looked like a real fox they were chasing out there at one stage, he easily lost them.

We had 5 people who did not start their card properly, that was due to a dodgy start control, Dan Cope noticed the light did not flash when he used it and pointed it out, lesson for all, always check you get a flash when you use the start. (Note the new version 6 cards with a light on them make it easy to spot that). I can remove the previous course, but we have to estimate the first split as the card does not wake up until it gets to CP1. 

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