MLS Results: Wed 26th Apr 2017 - Bordon Heaths

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I have been asked to remove my comment on the home page about problems with mixed punching at the JK which is why you all use etags today and not mixed punching, the Military do not want to use mixed punching until it has had more exposure, so we will continue to give all etags when touch-free controls used.  What I will say is that the JK itself went very well, a great event, but I still maintain that the  decision to use mixed punching was not a good idea given the infancy of that method and peoples lack of experience with it and that alone created some issues which I hope will now get discussed properly.

Anyway to more joyous things. Hope you enjoyed the challenge today, it was a Champs so the courses were harder.  I deliberately threw you straight into the technical area to test the brain cells before you got settled and that threw a few people and then brought the Brown & Blue back through for another go when tired.  It unsettled a few. I had queries about control 167 and even had one of my own timing team insist it was in the wrong depn so I have attached an enlargement of that area (see the Control 167 pdf  below the maps). the first thing to note it was not a depn but a pit, it was actually an "l" shape pit, so Sarah no way was it in that large depn on the east of the control circle.  I went out to collect that control and it was 15 paces down to the waterhole, about the same to the eastern depn, so they could have been used as attack points and come in on a bearing, finally there is a track x-ing SW of the pit which was a third attack point.  The Long Orange had that control and they just came down the track from the water tower to the east and then they could see it from the x/tracks.  Too many people were just running in the rough direction hoping to find it, this was a time to pace in from an obvious feature using the compass.

Given I only had 2 weeks to plan the event there was not time to update all the map as there are a lot of little changes, but generallyit was Ok and the plan is to get an update done later in the year

Please also note there may now be an event on 3 May, on Barossa, what this space 

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