MLS Results: Wed 15th Mar 2017 - Sidbury Hill

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Arty Centre

Results are listed below, and all MLS results will continue to be published on the BAOC site so we have a full historical record, but competitors should also be aware we do now also publish results live at most events, provided there is coverage at the event location.  This means anyone can view them on their smart phone at the event or PC at home during the event. They are always at  Splits are also published as soon as the event ends.

At the event we now show the race-results page on a touch screen beside download and your results will normally be posted up within 60 secs of you finishing, the system automatically posts after every download, so if you bookmark the page on your phone you can then easily view results when you get back to your car, or whilst sitting at Tom's enjoying your after run cup of tea.

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