MLS Results: Wed 22nd Feb 2017 - Upavon South

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Upavon Stn

Provisional Results now showing, for those of you unaware we are now posting results virtually live at the event and they can normally be viewed on the touch screen at download, the link is:

Results update everytime someone downloads and then they are published, but depending on the mobile signal it can take 30-60secs for them to upload. This also means you can view results on your phone at the event or at any time afterwards.  Results with MLS points are then uploaded on the BAOC site as soon as all dsqs etc confirmed/corrected, along with splits and then the results sec will do the Route Gadget display for you.

MLS RELAYS  are on Wed 1 March- Is your team entry in? Teams have to pre-enter so we know how many maps needed and so you can be seeded. If not yet done it then sign up now using the link below, there are 3 courses and those not in teams can also run either (or all) of them, again please sign up now to help with estimating map numbers, there will be indiv EOD but that costs £2 more.

NOTE: the relays are being held on the southern part of Pickpit Hill which has never been used for orienteering before, it is an ideal area for relays with lots of features (some very unusual ones as well) and a wide variety of terrain. DO NOT MISS IT, EVEN IF YOU ONLY COME TO RUN AS AN INDIV

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The courses are available on Routegadget 2. Plot your route, watch an animation of your run against others on your course, upload your GPS tracks...

Click here for Splitsbrowser display. Visually compares your leg times and speed with others on your course.

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