MLS Summer Series Results: Wed 4th Aug 2021 - QECP

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As usual full results with splits are live here:

I hope you all enjoyed your day in the park, it was fun planning the courses and trying to offer challenges other than hill climbs. Unfortunately we cannot post copies of any pdf maps anymore so you will have to wait for Routegadget to be uploaded.

Whilst we cannot publish the full maps I have attached 2 small extracts, on the Blue Cse what would be your route choice 10 to 11, is the obvious northern route the best option and on the Short Green Cse from 4 to 5, do you go straight up the slope direct as most did or would it be better to head South to get on the small track and then do most of the climb on a nice track which I as planner thought would be best? The red track running parallel is the MTB track which competitors were not suppose to run along for any distance. 


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The courses are available on Routegadget 2. Plot your route, watch an animation of your run against others on your course, upload your GPS tracks...

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MLS Summer Series