Results: Wed 1st Aug 2018 - Bishopstoke

MLS 27 Mar 19 at Longmoor. Entrance is now at the Liphook exit on the A3 at: 51.080492,-0.834554

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Full results can be found here:  Thanks to my EMIT team for all the admin work. That will be the last use of SPW for a couple of years, it needs to be left fallow for a bit as we have used it for the last 4 years and the map needs a damn good update, I will find you another area for the first week in August next year.

My apologies for the error with the contours, having checked the OCAD map file in my Purple Pen folder I noted that the top left symbol button was marked as off so that meant only the index contours were printed. Totally my error and as I was working off my original A3 print with a few manual amendments I did not not notice the ommision, to be honest I know the area that well I don't need a map anymore.  Let's put it down as a training exercise to see what your powers of deduction, using all the other features, was like.

Great to see so many kids out for a run, I am putting on another yellow course at Hogmoor in 2 weeks.  I had better make sure all the contours appear on that map, otherwise none of you will get around, it is a complicated little area which has benefitted from some tree clearing in the middle of the area.

I think I will make the MTBO for that one a line event, why not have a go after your normal run.  

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MLS Summer Series