MLS Summer Series Results: Wed 20th Jun 2018 - Alice Holt

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Thanks for braving the bracken today, this was a late addition to plug a gap in the fixture list, we would not normally use AH in June, but was the only area available at short notice and most paths were still useable.  We lost the meadow late on which restricted the Blue & LGreen cses, so had to throw in some route choice options instead.   Who went direct to No 1 on Blue, straight down the rides was fastest. Also 11-12 it was faster to follow the fenceline from the south, than go down the track and in from the north.

My apologies for control 4 on Blue, it was 30m out on an unmarked ditch nearer the track, that loop was a late addition to keep the distance up and I only visited it once and in my rush this morning I put it on the wrong ditch.  Must do better Allan!

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MLS Summer Series