MLN Results: Wed 18th Apr 2018 - Ripon West

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21 Engr Regt

Here are the rough results, smarter ones up later. Congratulations to 32 Engr  Regt.

The Harris results are at the end of the score. I have chosen to do it this way as it shows the order of visiting controls.

The team results were:

1st 32 Engr Regt 44.06

2nd ITC A 47.15

3rd DSTL 55.24

4th 5MI Bn 1.01.57

5th ITC B 1.03.08

6th 8 Rifles 1.06.45

7th 2 Sig Regt 1.07.28

8th RAF Waddington 1.08.02

First time that I have seen a Harris competition where every team completed with no penalties. Well done to you all

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