MLC Results: Wed 3rd May 2017 - Leckhampton Hill

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Many thanks to the NGOC team for its delivery of  all elements of the event with physically challenging courses and some great views.

Quite a few runners seem to have been caught out at their final control, perhaps losing concentration and punching an obvious control rather than confirming the control code.

UPDATE 05 MAY - Following an NGOC review into the final controls which caused the mispunches, scores have been reinstated for those runners who mispunched at the end of their run.

'The description for 31 was changedfrom "steep earth bank" (as there was one in the circle on the map, but not where the control was) to "re-entrant NE part", a suitable alternative. But we should have thought about it a bit more as, looking at the map, an equally valid description would have been "spur, west side" and unfortunately that's the exact same description as for the nearby control 66!We fell into the trap mentioned in Rule 2.4: "Controls within 60 metres of each other must not be positioned on similar features or on features that appear similar in the terrain. This is reduced to 30 metres for map scales 1:5,000 or less". In this case the controls were 32m apart (based on the map) at 1:7,500, so should not have been used. There was a somewhat similar issue at the Harvester, and as Organiser I had little sympathy as it was far from clear cut, and only one person mispunched. In this case with only 4 mispunches at the whole event and all at this same control, it suggests to me this pair of controls was unfair. I'd be inclined to reinstate'.

Revised reuslts have therefore been uploaded.

Thanks also to all the civilian competitors that attended and made the event worthwhile.

And so, where were all the military competitors again? Only 12/53 attendees.

Final event of the season next week at Clive Barracks, Tern Hill.

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