Results: Sun 14th Nov 2021 - Rushmoor TrailO (PreO)

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The opportunity to use the self-contained Rushmoor Arena in conjunction with a booking of the rest of the Long Valley (North) Military Traimimh Area was too good to ignore.  It provided the firm surface required by wheelchairs, and enough scope for a reasonable PreO event.  Thank you too those who came to enjoy it, even at the last minute!  Thanks for the absolutely necessary assistance.

I tried to give you an experience of some of the ‘distractions’ used in planning – always expect the unexpected (timed control #4, with diffeerent control descriptiosn for the same site; BriTOL #13 & Intro #7 not being in the correct reentrant - think about the bigger picture before focussing on the flags).

At the endof the day I voided #15 on the BriTOL course.  There was a muddle between the tree trunks (the correct vegetation boundary at flag height) and the overhead canopy.  It was a valid problem to select, but I should have ensured more separation between the flags to have made the choice a fairer challenge.  The spread of answers between all 4 options from all standards of competitor (the top 4 all gave a different answer!) gives a clue that it was not a good, fair test.

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