Results: Sat 13th Nov 2021 - Tweseldown Equestrian Centre TrailO (A-Z)

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It waas good to see both experienced and new TrailO competitors at this event held in conjunction with the Southern Night Championships.  The A-Z format (is there a flag or not at the cebtre of the control circle?) was comparatively easy to plan and set out, and we were allowed to use a few Night controls without compromising the integrity of that event.  I managed to remove all but one forgotten TrailO flag before the Night Championships, to ensure that there was no flag too close to the correct Night control.

The 'Sprint', 80m and 5 tasks, at the end was an experiment to split those on an equal score on the main course - it didn't fully work, but purely because the top two competitors also scored the same on the Sprint!  One with a slower all correct time, matching the 60 sec quicker time but with one mistake.  So a very valid tie!

As a planner, it is very pleasing when competitors get all the answers right!  I did think that A-Z #7 would be one of the decisive controls – line-up checking on the map would have shown that you should not have seen the flag from so far south-east. Otherwise there was a spread of wrong answers.

On pulling in the flags, I voided Control 11: on approaching from a new direction, it was clear I had placed the flag on ‘not-quite-a’ form-line above the contour.  The correct place, corresponding with the map, was c 5m away, down the re-entrant.  That was not far enough to obviously change the answer; most of those who called it ‘A’ would have still have got it right with the flag in the right position, and those who went for ‘Z’ would probably not have done so if it had been placed lower down.

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