Military League South 2018/19 Results

MLS championship points are collated by WO1 Cie Dunville, the MLS Results Secretary who can be contacted via email at or through the military networks.

The scores for the 2018/19 season so far are posted below and should be checked for accuracy. All queries should be directed to the Results Secretary in the first instance. 

The team captain check sheet lists all runs by all runners throughout the season. These results are listed by unit, event, and runner to enable team captains to check that all of their runners are in the results. As with every new season there will be a lot of anomalies, for example there are a number of N/A units this season, which should be addressed by team captains.

NB. Teams organising championship events receive max point for organising that event, these may look like extra points in the league table but are listed here also:

Harris Champs – HQ RC (Minor unit)Army Ind Champs – War Gar (Major unit)

League Results: 

Link to all league results: