Information for Event Officials

This contains information for Organisers, Planners and Controllers of orienteering events. Further information is available on the British Orienteering Officials Page.

Standing Instructions

Defence Infrastructure Organisation

All organisers are reminded of the importance of fully complying with DIO Standing Orders when using Military Training Areas for their events. Organisers are also to ensure that all the members of the planning, controlling and organising team treat any Training Area Marshals with respect and comply immediately with any instructions they may give.
Lt Col Oates, MLS Chairman

Risk Assessment/Safety Documents

Safety documents below are sample templates. It is up to the Organiser to review and amend the items in the document and include any further potential risks. It is good practice to have the EASP reviewed and signed-off by the event Controller. If a BOF Risk Assessment is used, this MUST be signed off by the Controller or a BOF qualified Coach.

Exercise Action Safety Plan Draft Template (Word Doc)
EASP Appendix A Event Risk Assessment (Word doc)
EASP Appendix B Safety Brief (Word doc)
British Orienteering Risk Assessment - not required for military events if EASP completed. Required for Civilian events organised by BAOC BOF Risk Assessment Template (Word doc)
Event Safety Management Emergency Safety Procedures
Climatic Injury: Individual Information Climatic Injury Individual Information
Commander's Guide to Climatic Injury Commander's Guide to Climatic Injury
Heat Injury Prevention Measures Heat Injury Prevention Measures
AINC Accident Reporting Form - To be used to formally report an accident or near miss AINC AF510

League Specific Information

Mil League North

MLN Rules 2016-2017 MLN Rules 2016-2017

Mil League Central

Rules (includes Emit control codes, emit cards and control flags) 5 Div/MLC Equipment List (PDF)

Mil League South

MLS Event Flier template - editable file to make your event flier Template file - GDPR & Risk (Word document)

NI League

There are currently no documents in this section

British Forces Germany/BFG League

Equipment (also includes list of equipment for organising unit to provide) BFG Controls and Equipment (PDF)
Maps BFG Orienteering Maps In Current Use (PDF)

General Event Information

Map Bags available through QM’s/QM(T)’s Depts Requistion Details (PDF)
E-Results Lite User Guide - Updated by Phill Batts Dec 13 Part 1 , Part 2
Updated Course Planning Guide Course Planning Guide by Hilary Quick
Google Earth Images as Scaled maps for Course Planning User guide showing how save a GE image, scale it in Purple Pen and set overprint to white

The E-Results Lite program is an Entries & Results program. It may be downloaded free of charge from the E-Results website.

Course Planning Software

All the software below will work with Ocad base maps. They all have their advantages and disadvantages so, like all software, it's best to try them and see which one you like best. Obviously, the advantage of Purple Pen and Condes is that they will not cost you anything.

  • Purple Pen - free software available from: Purple Pen website
  • Condes - a BAOC club licence for version 8 is available from Jerry Newcombe. Download the software from the Condes website.
  • OCAD CS (Course Setting) Edition - single licence costs €36 or CHF 48. Available from the Ocad website. The full version of Ocad (cost €430 or CHF 580) also includes the ability to plan courses.

Once you have planned your courses, you will need to provide the control codes to the computing team.

Instruction sheet to extract control codes from planning software Instruction Sheet (PDF File)