Military League South (MLS)

The MLS League operates in the southern part of England and has events most Wednesdays during the season, with occasional events on other days. The league's normal season is from mid-September until mid-May. The league also operates a regular summer series of events with shorter courses which is known as the MLSS and this will include some urban events and other different format of events.

League Officers: 

Please use the 'Send Message' link to send a message to each of these contacts.

MLS Results Secretary Mr Neil Gordon Send a message
MLS Secretary SSgt Des Dickinson Send a message 94374 2062
MLS Treasurer WO1 John Leddy Send a message

League Events: 

The following league events and championships are scheduled:

Contact Military Phone Civilian Phone Other Files
Wed 29th Sep MLS Pickpit Hill, Tidworth Allan Farrington 07747 446600
Wed 6th Oct MLS Southwood (Farnborough) New Area Maj (Retd) Colin Dickson 07905050129 07905050129
Wed 20th Oct MLS Warminster SSgt Kirsty McDermott
Wed 27th Oct MLS Frith Hill (Inclu AGC & RAPTC Champs) WO1 John Leddy
Wed 3rd Nov MLS No Event (Unit Required)


League Documents: 

MLS Rules 2020-21 Season : MLS Rules 20-21 (PDF document)
MLS 2021 AGM Minutes : MLS 2021 AGM Minutes (PDF)
MLS 2018 AGM Minutes : MLS AGM Minutes 2018
MLS Event Flier template - editable file to make your event flier : MLS Flyer Template